Discouraged [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discouraged:

By creating uncertainty, the federal government discouraged both states and private companies from acting on their own initiative, which has delayed our national response.

Whether the boycott movement discourages streamers and moviegoers from seeing the film remains to be seen.

Sixteen percent say pandemic-imposed restrictions at hospitals and doctors’ offices are discouraging them from moving forward.

Republicans, meanwhile, are leery of continuing the full payments, saying they will discourage people from returning to work.

These discouraging numbers have led many businesses to focus on improving their products and services, thus doing their best to retain a loyal customer.

Victim advocates are concerned that the new rules will discourage victims from coming forward.

He believed in the value of viva voce discussion, and discouraged all unnecessary inter-departmental correspondence.

My brother recovered his old spirit and refused to be discouraged by my pessimistic view of his expedition.

On the very summit of one of these is perched a ruined castle, whose inaccessible position discouraged nearer acquaintance.

But I reckon the smuggling of Chinks into this section has been pretty well discouraged.