Discourages [verb]

Definition of Discourages:

dishearten, dispirit

Synonyms of Discourages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discourages:

Sentence/Example of Discourages:

The indulgence of the public only emboldens mediocrity: it causes genius to blush, and discourages it.

The failure of the Neapolitan marriage disappoints, and the extreme coldness of the new Russian Ambassador discourages them.

The rapacity of Courts discourages agriculture, extinguishes industry, produces want, pestilence and misery.

But the Government discourages long and loose hair, and now most men cut it short, and women part theirs and braid it.

Which is madder, the Russian priest who discourages righteous rebellion, or the Russian novelist who forbids it?

This might have been discouraging to some people; but, once embarked on a career of manifest usefulness, nothing discourages Me.

A target impossible to make a full score on discourages the shooter.

To overlook offenses and neglects that appear willful, causes them to multiply, and discourages the faithful workers.

It discourages the attacks of carnivorous enemies, and usually renders such attacks ineffective.

Rule No. 16 discourages scenes of drunkenness, and adds chivalrously: "Especially if women have a part in the scenes."