Discourtesy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Discourtesy:

This was not done; but during several days the ill humour of the Lower House showed itself by a studied discourtesy.

For a wise man, he seems never to have been sufficiently aware how much offence is given by discourtesy in small things.

But Miss Mildmay did not resent the little discourtesy—her mind was pursuing its own train of thought. '

The girl will not resent indifference, even discourtesy and neglect, if only her aim is accomplished.

Was this an intentional act of discourtesy on the part of the viceroy?

Frederick had directed the rhinegrave to request Henry to excuse this apparent discourtesy on the ground of his feeble health.

On appealing to the local magistrate, he was treated by that functionary with great discourtesy.

I intended you no discourtesy, Mrs. Pain: but, for one thing, I did not know where you might be met with.

He felt the superiority of Rex's position, and would not stoop to force the situation by any brutal discourtesy.

On the other hand, letters may be so brief as to produce an impression of abrupt discourtesy.