Discoverable [adjective]

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Pfizer and Moderna have discovered effective vaccines, but some of us will get the shot before others.

Voisey has a distinctly stronger creator feel to it, and there has even been at least one singer discovered on the platform.

Miard and colleagues discovered ultrasound calls from colugos, reporting the finding in 2019 in Bioacoustics.

In recent years, though, scientists have discovered lead, “bomb carbon” from nuclear weapons testing, chemicals banned in the 1970s, and plastic near the bottom of the ocean.

That’s what Reichelt and her team discovered in their studies of “teenage” mice.

Because often what ends up happening is that we discover these requirements only after the model has failed out in the world.

Cecily recently telephoned her parents to say she had discovered the identity of the actual murderer by reading Alan Conway’s third mystery, “Atticus Pünd Takes the Case.”

So the 26-year-old Kvashuk discovered that he could use his test account to buy real store credit and then use the credit to buy real products.

When astronomers first discovered that the universe was expanding, at the end of the 1920s, it was natural to ask how long it had been expanding.

When Graham passes away in his sleep beside her, Annie must deal with the aftermath, discovering secrets she wishes had remain unknown.