Discrepant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Discrepant:

The attempt to harmonize different ideas means that in themselves they are discrepant.

These two tendencies, apparently so discrepant, are far from conflicting; they advance together, and mutually support each other.

A clue is often found to the meaning in examining startlingly discrepant statements connected with the same leading word.

Horum posteri a circumjacente Celticæ originis populo lingua etiam nunc omnino discrepant.

Of Bothwell, the third protagonist in the tragedy of Three, we have no portrait, and but discrepant descriptions.

I omit the many discrepant accounts of dying confessions accusing or absolving the Queen.

The delay between my arrival in the runabout and my showing up at the Mansion would not be discrepant.

Qui quoque Fergusius fuit filius Feredach, quamvis a quibusdam dicitur filius Ferechere, parum tamen discrepant in sono.

It is hard to say how much history can be extracted from these vague and discrepant stories.

You see in them the work and presence of a committee, or corporation, often in discrepant layers of taste and plan.