Discretion [noun]

Definition of Discretion:

caution, judgment

Opposite/Antonyms of Discretion:

Sentence/Example of Discretion:

Through a spokesman, Freddie Mac said that such locks are an important part of its business model, and that timing is at the borrower’s discretion.

The clinic said that an officer in such a situation has no discretion.

Experts tell me that the president actually has a lot of power at his discretion to contest the election, and some of the scenarios that could bring us to the edge of a crisis are actually very plausible.

An ADP spokesperson told Fortune that clients who use its TotalSource product will not have an option to take part in the deferral, but other clients will be able to suspend the Social Security collection at their discretion.

Their business is nearly 100% repeat and referral, a testament to their high ethical standards, strong negotiating skills, energy, and discretion.

“The agency has broad discretion and authority to act in a way that results in common sense and humane outcomes for everyone involved,” said Ebadolahi.

He had, however, recovered sufficiently to enable him to act with promptitude and discretion.

I knew you would, dear Mr Brammel—a gentleman of your discretion would not fail to do so.

"The Seorita is a pearl of prudence and discretion: do whatever she desired you," said Alphonse.

They are all sworn to the closest secrecy; have been told that our lives depend upon their discretion.