Discuss [verb]

Definition of Discuss:

talk over with another

Opposite/Antonyms of Discuss:

Sentence/Example of Discuss:

That said, the two writer-directors would sometimes split up when having to discuss particular aspects of filming with their cast.

It claims to remove groups discussing violence, but simultaneously includes a number of rules about limiting these same groups in recommendations and downranking them in search.

The panel, which includes the Departments of Treasury, State, Justice and other agencies, was set to meet Wednesday to discuss the potential sale, following a similar meeting on Tuesday.

Some of the broad components of the federal plan have already been discussed, but Wednesday’s reports attempt to put the key details into a comprehensive framework.

This meeting, they will be discussing “You Exist Too Much” by Zaina Arafat.

Pelosi was on CNBC on Tuesday morning to discuss the negotiations over the latest round of coronavirus relief legislation.

With Republicans unwilling to agree to legislation anywhere near the scope Pelosi wants, some Democrats have begun to discuss other options.

At the Georgian Club in Atlanta, the two discussed a new law that involved replacing the state’s voting machines, according to Raffensperger’s deputy, Jordan Fuchs.

In that conversation, utilizing the Defense Production Act was discussed, according to an industry representative on the call.

"From what I have heard, I think I may be free to discuss this," and she paused again, with her eyes asking that she may.