Disdainful [adjective]

Definition of Disdainful:


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Sentence/Example of Disdainful:

The stranger turned, and stared at Garnache with a look of wonder that artfully changed to one of disdainful recognition.

As to the chapter of his loves, he for ever placed a seal upon his fine and disdainful lips.

He is more inclined to be restless than to be haughty or disdainful; he is only uncomfortable to himself.

The proud and disdainful will find precisely in society the contrary of what they expect, which is to be esteemed.

Eliza, glancing at Miss Prall, took her cue and looked disdainful of the whole affair.

But her marble figure remained impassive, her white lips curled in disdainful smile.

"Your medicine is good, Giaour," she said, with the ghost of a disdainful laugh.

He was aware of every inch of her disdainful, impish presence as she stood there watching him from a corner of one eye.

He kept aloof from Henrietta, and she nodded to him with a severe and almost disdainful air that made him wretched.

But to his surprise the man merely uttered a disdainful click, and deliberately turned his broad back upon the exasperated Zulus.