Disembark [verb]

Definition of Disembark:

get off transportation

Synonyms of Disembark:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disembark:

Sentence/Example of Disembark:

Three years earlier, the Pilgrims had disembarked at Plymouth Rock.

Once contact tracing has been completed, they will be allowed to disembark, but it’s unclear how long that will take.

After hundreds of passengers fell ill with the coronavirus in February, nobody on the ship was allowed to disembark for weeks.

They disembarked at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

After disembarking, he headed to one of the airport’s covid-19 testing stations.

On the 3rd of September we ran into the port of Singapore; but it was so late in the evening, that we could not disembark.

The reader sees his fellow passengers, the characters, disembark, waves them good-bye–and turns to sail for other isles!

This meant, "Divisions of boats to assemble round ships for which they are told off, to disembark infantry and artillery."

After a short interval, his excellency returned, and intimated that the royal party would disembark in half an hour.

Upon Flamininus bidding him disembark, he stood up on board and refused to leave his ship.