Disembarkation [noun]

Definition of Disembarkation:

coming to a destination

Synonyms of Disembarkation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disembarkation:

Sentence/Example of Disembarkation:

Randall was in the second-to-last row of the aircraft as she waited to disembark.

When they disembarked, the ship moved on to the next locale, and new travelers arrived, or new specialty charter companies took over, serving everyone from birders to nudists.

The disembarkation of the Guards was effected, and with a rapidity and comfort which conferred great credit on the officers.

It was calculated that the disembarkation of 20,000 could be effected by the boats of our steamers in two hours.

The French Admiral fired a gun shortly after eight o'clock, and the disembarkation of their troops commenced.

Before the disembarkation had concluded for the day, signal was made for all ships to "land tents."

The vessel was then towed into port, and so placed as to protect the disembarkation.

The first encounter had with the Indians, preceded the disembarkation of the company of adventurers.

The morning after the disembarkation, a deputation of citizens came forth to treat with Dandolo for the capitulation of the town.

They would scarcely begin the disembarkation before dawn, Frobisher conjectured; but dawn must surely be not very far off now.