Disenchanted [adjective]

Definition of Disenchanted:

let down

Synonyms of Disenchanted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disenchanted:

Sentence/Example of Disenchanted:

One of the men, who dispenses combat advice online using the handle Guerrilla Instructor, said he had enlisted in the Army but had eventually grown disenchanted and left the service.

They include pioneers of the original digital revolution who are disenchanted with its current state.

The letters of Joseph, who was now utterly disenchanted, had for some time been but one string of bitter complaints.

For the sorceress soon tired of her victims, and disenchanted them or had them slain as it pleased her.

Female loveliness, in especial, is more than one-half disenchanted beneath its evil eye.

But the childish conduct of that set of wiseacres soon disenchanted the national enthusiasm.

“The disenchanted chamber, without its gloom or its spectres,” observed the smiling Emmie.

Nothing now remained to be done but to take John to the great wise woman of Arifana, and have him disenchanted.

It is very possible: in every great spirit, until fully disenchanted, something of this desire must exist.

Ah, Hypatia, if you could know what a dreary disenchanted blank you have made of my life!