Disenchanting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disenchanting:

It was assuming a great deal to tell a woman that he saw through her plot to disenchant him with a rival.

"And it took a greater magnum bonum, a maximum bonum, to disenchant us," said Armine.

But all the banqueting and largess did not disenchant the ominous mansion.

This would be enough to disenchant any young gentleman fresh from his compendiums of philosophy.

The old woman takes kindly to my persecution; they enchant Dulcinea, and whip me in order to disenchant her.

Then he gave Siegfried a horn of wine, into which he had unnoticed poured another potion, which was to disenchant the knight.

But the younger woman knew that however honest her desire to disenchant her young lover, no woman ever risks his seeing her thus.

Discovering reciprocal love should really disenchant the lover with regard to the beloved.

Conrad asked if any of the company were enchanted; "because," said he, "if they are, I'll disenchant them with my key."

At last I got out of bed, and rummaged for some stray volume to disenchant me out of the imaginary world of these Bernards.