Disengaged [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disengaged:

Engage when he’s kind, disengage completely when he uses or defends cruelty.

Wilkie has faced criticism for appearing disengaged from the VA’s critical programs.

Now they can help disengage the sympathetic nervous system, commonly known as fight-or-flight mode, and bring the body into a parasympathetic state, or rest-and-digest mode, Almeyda explains.

He rode easily, with a loose rein, and he waved his disengaged hand the instant he caught sight of the white faces.

Some time since, by way of trying the power of the engine, we disengaged the balance-bob.

Aristide disengaged himself, waved his hand airily towards Perigueux, and smiled blandly.

She took his offered arm with her disengaged hand, as an additional support; and her white face turned a shade whiter.

The man roared furiously, and gave a convulsive heave that almost upset myself and the big chair, and disengaged the key!

He could not restrain a shriek as he did so, but he still kept hold of the raven, and made a wild grasp with his disengaged hand.

Then, as if understanding had come to her suddenly, she drew back and quietly disengaged herself from the other's arms.