Disfigures [verb]

Definition of Disfigures:

make ugly

Synonyms of Disfigures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disfigures:

Sentence/Example of Disfigures:

Topping in this way permanently disfigures the natural form.

Massive commercial surveillance for the sake of a few companies is disfiguring our societies.

There were points where I thought it was possible I could either die or become seriously disfigured.

It would not mutilate and disfigure the body, for it is a sacred temple, to be made beautiful and attractive.

I never saw any one who so well defies the power of time and vice to disfigure.

Footnote 184: This remark refers to several blots of ink which disfigure the page of his Journal on which he was writing.

The documents stolen by Reuter were interpolated by the police so as to disfigure their meaning.

A fine line made with a medium pencil will answer the same purpose and will not materially disfigure the box.

And, as I say, there was law and order instead of enactments and restrictions such as disfigure our umpire state to-day.

One such thing, it will readily be understood, is sufficient to disfigure pitiably the whole of the surroundings.