Disgorged [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disgorged:

The settlement required Bartiromo to disgorge $93,731 in illicit gains and interest.

The wine is then disgorged — the yeast lees discarded — and topped off with a “dosage” of aged reserve wine with some added sugar.

Then if I can't set this thing straight, if I can't make somebody disgorge your property, I must take you back with me.

Memory, however, refused to disgorge the details, and I could only gaze helplessly into the fire.

Zeus grew up, and by some means, suggested by Gaea, compelled Zeus to disgorge all his offspring.

They dreaded yet more the being forced to disgorge their spoil to appease the discontent.

The parents fly down and disgorge food, which is immediately devoured by the young ones.

It is as if they had been killed by the silk which they omit to disgorge because they are unable to make the right use of it.

The honey, I say, would imperil the grubs' lives, The Bee must therefore first be made to disgorge.

When irritated, the Staphylini disgorge an acrid black liquid; and by the abdomen they emit a volatile fluid having a musky odour.