Disgruntlement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disgruntlement:

It’s not often that Phil Paoletta receives disgruntled emails about his and Ali Nialy’s project, but when he does, it’s because someone thinks their West Africa-based company is a scam.

But this disgruntlement of the doctors was not shared by the troops, who subscribed nearly 9000 to the Fund.

So Daubeney wasn't pleased as he helped Lucinda with her wraps; and she read disgruntlement in his silence and constraint.

But the unsatisfied are still in great mistiness, and their discontent utters itself only in a "boundless disgruntlement."

So quick was the look she gave me that I knew she had in that moment caught all my disgruntlement and disgust.

On Shūzen's abrupt gesture and refusal he took his departure, almost betraying his own disgruntlement.

I saw the envy and disgruntlement rise in the man's face; he couldn't keep it down.