Disgusted [adjective]

Definition of Disgusted:

sickened; offended

Synonyms of Disgusted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disgusted:

Sentence/Example of Disgusted:

In a time when long-simmering working-class resentment toward economic and cultural elites has boiled over into frothing, bulge-eyed disgust, Jason Williamson has been well ahead of the curve.

So, we found, for example, that people who were high on disgust are also high on sex disgust and that makes it very hard to make a lasting bond in a relationship.

Rozin is one of two scholars of disgust we’ll be hearing from today.

Scheidler was among the first activists to use large-format photographs of aborted fetuses to elicit disgust and outrage.

Insects are often feared or dismissed because of stigma in popular culture and general disgust.

New-wavers, two-tone artists and bohemians — as they were wont to do — made much of their disgust toward the state.

They have their reasons, from competing values to political apathy to visceral disgust with the options they have been presented.

Lawrence and Dan were disgusted, but Warren was right in not seeking an engagement with his small force.

“But being disgusted with our luxury and giving it all up would not mend matters, little wife,” returned Jack with a faint smile.

Yet what an angry, disgusted woman I was when I went over this road before, lawsuit-wards, so to speak.