Dishabille [adjective]

Definition of Dishabille:

without clothes, covering

Synonyms of Dishabille:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dishabille:

Sentence/Example of Dishabille:

This gentleman now appeared altogether as full-dressed as he had before been in full dishabille.

Lady Eleanor, who scarcely looked as well in dishabille as her daughter, might feel offended.

As on shipboard and at The Briars, he gave his mornings to literature, clad in a studied, picturesque dishabille.

When they present him, as for the most part they do, in dishabille, they exhibit him very greatly to his disadvantage.

She seems to be typical of the half-crazed human poetess, in usual sublime dishabille.

For an interminable length of time the Crows, en dishabille, stood and gazed open-mouthed and awed at the little stranger.

Led by Victor Vassilyevski a dozen men, guests and servants, in various stages of dishabille, streamed into the room.

How fond poets of the last century were of their dishabille in portraits: they had their day as well as nightcaps.

The bold des Lupeaulx followed the handsome figure, so piquant did she seem to him in her dishabille.

The meal also had the relish of good company, for opposite to me sat Shaw in elegant dishabille.