Disheartened [verb]

Definition of Disheartened:

depress, ruin one's hopes

Synonyms of Disheartened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disheartened:

Sentence/Example of Disheartened:

His search has always hitherto been fruitless, and he has sunk back, disheartened, into the sea.

Disheartened, the Confederates now fell back, leaving the field to those who had so valiantly defended it.

But during the retreat he led the van and did yeoman service in restoring order among the disheartened troops.

This flinching of the captain, just on the eve of a perilous campaign, naturally disheartened the whole army.

That which would have disheartened and disarmed other men, seemed only to animate him with all Macbeth's wild courage of despair.

After the fall of Jackson the pirates were disheartened, and their resistance became more feeble.

In the summer of 1780 the Americans were, perhaps, more disheartened than at any other period of the war.

As there was little chance for booty in such rapid marching and constant fighting, the youth and the poor were disheartened.

But he made no sign, only gazed at me with the same weary sullen look, and I went away feeling a little disheartened.

During his stay in this region his doctrines do not seem to have met with a satisfactory reception, and he left disheartened.