Disheartenment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disheartenment:

Her head fell forward on her hands; her eyes sought the floor; her whole attitude expressed disheartenment.

There was not much left to allay fear or stifle disheartenment.

But he was still too much the successful detective to allow his disheartenment to be seen by his admiring subordinate.

It is through such doors of disheartenment that temptation finds its easiest entrance.

There is no cause for disheartenment in the soul of the farmer after he has been down to the train.

It was more than chagrin, more than the disheartenment of the workman at failure, when he lost a patient.

Something worse than mere apathy appeared to have set in, something more than mere despondency and disheartenment.

He began to suspect himself of going imbecile with disheartenment and depression.

Thither the Count hastened to work off the disheartenment into which the comments of the Princess had thrown him.

He would never come across any but subjects of irritation or disheartenment.