Dishonorably [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Dishonorably:

Another unreasonable love is that which a woman feels for a man who has really treated her dishonorably.

I didn't imagine that I should ever love as other people do—insanely, madly, dishonorably—anythingly to be with the one I loved.

He was then sent back to formally disband the company, which he did July 28, and they were dishonorably discharged.

The veriest vagrant, who comes honestly by his poverty, is a nobler being than he who comes dishonorably by his wealth.

Selim, thou hast acted dishonorably in ensnaring Hania's heart.

Cari'no, father of Zeno'cia, the chaste troth-plight wife of Arnoldo (the lady dishonorably pursued by the governor count Clodio).

Slaves, criminals, and outlaws were buried dishonorably in a place by themselves on one side.

They were also to be confined at hard labor for four months, lose all pay and allowances and be dishonorably discharged.

Such a discussion, at such a moment, savored of rank lunacy, but it was better to act crazily than dishonorably.

Ralph Kennell was sentenced to serve ten years in a government penitentiary and to be dishonorably discharged from the service.