Disillusionment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disillusionment:

Faith in a brighter future kept me clocking into kitchens despite growing disillusionment.

There is a slope of disillusionment implied here, as teams start feeling the fatigue of Zoom meetings, and other disadvantages like a lack of proper office setup or increased work hours.

Disillusionment cut him to the quick, but had no power to obscure his rosy views of human nature.

Well, you might get it if you tried hard enough, and then only find discontent and disillusionment.

I carefully noted the street and the house, and went away, but not home—I was conscious of a sort of disillusionment.

There would be disillusionment ahead for her, and bitter awakening from long-wrapping dreams.

They are the means by which the age records its feelings of disillusionment.

I entered right in on the parlour floor, and my disillusionment proceeded rapidly.

The chances are that after ten years of drudgery you would only have condemned yourself to the bitterness of disillusionment!

One or two things in that evening of disillusionment stood out with painful distinctness in John Gano's memory for years.