Disinclined [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disinclined:

Gwynne would have felt restless and disinclined for law and politics this morning had he never seen Isabel Otis.

Notwithstanding these arguments, the Widow still seemed rather disinclined to the arrangement.

At first, he was disinclined to believe it possible for any Christian King to have Mussulman rayats.

I tried to get from him all that he knew concerning Elma, but he seemed, for some curious reason, disinclined to tell.

Those who had hesitated in their patronage of the poet were not disinclined to aid the painter.

Eustace seemed inseparable from his book, and disinclined to talk.

They are effeminate, and disinclined to any kind of active exertion.

Indeed, the more I think of it, the more I feel disinclined to bow down and do homage to the Christian faith.

“I have an excuse by which we may get into the house if they seem disinclined to admit us,” Gimblet was murmuring in his ear.

At first he is generally disinclined to forego any share of his newly acquired freedom by tying himself up with a union.