Disingenuous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disingenuous:

The move has no political chance in a Democratic House, but sends a clear, though disingenuous, message about punishing supposed “extremism.”

Deshaun Watson is taking a stand against disingenuous NFL owners.

In this fascinating new era, there are consequences for their disingenuous dealings.

These factors have also helped companies overcome the fear of being seen as partisan or disingenuous, a fear that previously held them back from engagement, especially in the current, polarized political climate.

Still she was the first to speak; since Eau-douce could utter naught that would be disingenuous, or that would pain his friend.

"You know quite well what I mean," continued Mrs. Lascelles, with a genuine smile at my disingenuous face.

All this is, of course, manifestly disingenuous, and does not impose on Heriot's superiors in the general post office.

This somewhat disingenuous argument created a profound impression.

It is disingenuous to endeavor to conceal these facts, and to mislead ordinary citizens about them.

Obviously, the recipient of this precious document would have her curiosity excited over the disingenuous tale of romance.