Disintegrating [verb]

Definition of Disintegrating:

fall apart; reduce to pieces

Opposite/Antonyms of Disintegrating:

Sentence/Example of Disintegrating:

His Unity was steadily disintegrating into a paradoxical Trinity.

It seems that an atom of radium does actually disintegrate, and by disintegrating give out energy.

And what of those atoms disintegrating while others are still being created in the reactor?

It was the disintegrating blast, hurled out of the bottom in many fan-shaped rays.

In the bottom were holes of two shapes—rocket tubes and disintegrating projectors.

But what kept Holmes' attention were the wires running from the magneto to the mixing chambers of the disintegrating tubes.

They generate a ray of almost infinite frequency, much higher than the disintegrating ray the Jovians use.

The wave of reversion seems to have received its initial impulse in the psychologically disintegrating effects of the Civil War.

Whether the common point system, therefore, can long withstand the force of these disintegrating influences remains to be seen.

Their digging and tunnelling lets dissolving water and disintegrating air into the earth and deepens the prairie soil.