Dislodgment [noun]

Definition of Dislodgment:


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Sentence/Example of Dislodgment:

They alone had had the capping triumph of crossing the earth-works and effecting the hand-to-hand dislodgment of the enemy.

The latter exertion was particularly for the dislodgment of the ubiquitous sandflea!

The really great dislodgment in his life had occurred long before.

The risk of dislodgment is often great and the fracture of limbs is a common accident.

For the dislodgment began under its very shadow, and had even further deepened the yawning cavern beneath its bed.

The General then immediately ordered Colonel Carr to proceed to effect a dislodgment of the enemy.

The Russians had not cared to leave them there over night, but the dislodgment proved difficult.

These are minute weed seedlings, but yet slightly rooted, and easily treated by simple dislodgment.

With cracking of straining sinew the powerful pusher put every ounce of his wonderful strength into the effort of dislodgment.

After giving it four or five years of close attention, I was satisfied with it, and I had no fear of dislodgment.