Dismayed [verb]

Definition of Dismayed:

disappoint, fill with consternation

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismayed:

Sentence/Example of Dismayed:

Ruling out such an approach, you are left with more subtle ways to modify your friend’s behavior — the most obvious being consistently discovering, to your dismay, that you are not available on Friday.

However, we recognize with dismay and sorrow that some lawyers challenged the outcome of the election with claims that they did not support with facts or evidence.

As the violence in the Capitol played out, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tweeted his dismay at what he was seeing.

The gambling industry’s main lobbying group also expressed surprise and dismay at his position.

We note with dismay the serious threats and destruction of property faced by media professionals yesterday.

By all appearances, they have attained exactly what they wanted, but Han’s descriptions are flecked with notes of muffled dismay.

To the dismay of human rights activists, China was yesterday elected to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Frulein Fichtner herself looked no ways dismayed at the number of her guests, though we had the air of coming to storm the house.

For a moment the group in the kitchen at Skyrie were dismayed by Jim Barlow's sudden departure and the escape of the dogs.

A sword upon her diviners, and they shall be foolish: a sword upon her valiant ones, and they shall be dismayed.