Dismaying [verb]

Definition of Dismaying:

disappoint, fill with consternation

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismaying:

Sentence/Example of Dismaying:

This danger Garnache, however, was no less quick to perceive, and with a dismaying promptness did he take his measures.

Into the half-year she has put a flattering success and a dismaying failure.

This might be so; but yet, how dismaying and hopeless to him the idea of carrying them into effect!

The boys wheeled abruptly, only to hear right in front of them a dismaying chorus of ghostly noises.

We all returned quite late in the evening, and the report of nothing killed was somewhat dismaying.

It's rather a dismaying conclusion when it's dragged out in the open like that, and it seems to horrify him.

Second, but this one a bit dismaying, that there might be some doubt as to whether or not he would ever leave here.

And promptly she made a discovery so infinitely dismaying that it put the man altogether out of her mind for the time being.

Nor did she, apparently, find anything dismaying in the price she was asked to pay for a bedroom with private bath.

He had built for himself no card house of illusion, so it did not come toppling down with dismaying clatter.