Disoblige [verb]

Definition of Disoblige:

displease, annoy

Synonyms of Disoblige:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disoblige:

Sentence/Example of Disoblige:

Not caring to disoblige him, he then, without speaking, slowly and unwillingly moved forwards.

It was with him a fixed principle never to disoblige a customer, and he saw that he was disobliging at least half a dozen.

She had not bargained to entertain a party of four; yet she dared not disoblige the Petit Courier Illustré.

Frey wanted to marry her, and to disoblige him would be at their peril.

Do, that's a good Boy; and I won't disoblige him this two days.

The old man, he set everything by Ben; he would disoblige his own boys any day to please him.

You will surely remain a few days, seor; it would disoblige me if you answered by a refusal.

I forgot to tell you that Mr. Harley asked me yesterday how he came to disoblige the Archbishop of Dublin.

He has engaged me to dine with him again to-morrow, though I did all I could to put it off; but I don't care to disoblige him.

It is a strange sort of a vagary you have taken, to stand in your own light, and disoblige all your friends.