Disparagement [noun]

Definition of Disparagement:

strong criticism; detraction

Synonyms of Disparagement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disparagement:

Sentence/Example of Disparagement:

North Dormer took the Mountain for granted, and implied its disparagement by an intonation rather than by explicit criticism.

Throughout his writings there is no praise of success without virtue, and no disparagement of want of success with virtue.

There was a slight, almost indescribable tone of condescension or disparagement in her voice, the reason of which I will explain.

"Not much saw-log for old Rosey," said Si, resenting even a joking disparagement upon his beloved General.

Would it not be like a disparagement of Nelly if he were to confess that he had never loved her?

"It's noan so much of a tale," he said, with an air of disparagement and indifference.

Certainly there was nothing in the young woman herself, as I speedily ascertained, to justify disparagement even with Clytia.

Of course, I pass over in silence those in which childish disparagement shows its nose too plainly.

Cary and Colin Teague are said to have wished to be where their color would be no disparagement to their usefulness.

Already there was a kind of fidelity to her in this unconscious disparagement of the rest of womankind.