Disparate [adjective]

Definition of Disparate:

at odds, different

Opposite/Antonyms of Disparate:

Sentence/Example of Disparate:

To take advantage of those disparate elements, you of course have to split them up.

Combine that with disparate ideologies and metastasizing extremism, and the isolation has led people down some dark alleys.

Rather, it brings disparate sources of information together on a single workstation.

Reliability questionsInterviews with parents and education activists across the city show that the decision of whether to send a child to a classroom during a pandemic is deeply personal and complicated, reflecting disparate family circumstances.

The challenges—a health crisis, a trust crisis, an inequality crisis, a climate crisis, an economic crisis, a democracy crisis—are disparate.

They set up two launch sites — one near the Washington Monument, the other on the Tidal Basin — to accommodate the disparate camera angles for both Perry and the president.

The broad category offers an even greater diversity of terrain options, snow surfaces, skiing styles, and self-image as resort skiing, and the gear has grown to meet those disparate needs, which can be difficult to parse for the uninitiated.

The native, disparate automations within Google, Bing, Amazon, and Facebook can certainly work for basic paid search.

The beauty of the braise is that the item being cooked and the liquid in which it’s cooked infuse each other with flavor, the two once disparate components melding into one.

Part of the reason for Haven’s shuttering appears to be that each of the companies, with their geographically disparate workforces, struggled to pool their resources as different areas required different solutions, per the Wall Street Journal.