Dispatched [verb]

Definition of Dispatched:

hurry, send fast

Synonyms of Dispatched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispatched:

Sentence/Example of Dispatched:

Now the Times’ chief Africa correspondent, Walsh contributed dispatches that pulsated with urgency and empathy.

The wording for the myriad dispatches have spanned the substance spectrum.

Every year our Voices of the Voters posts produce some very memorable moments, and already this dispatch from La Jolla has joined the Hall of Fame.

Few “inconveniences trouble the life of anyone on the governor’s train,” journalist Richard Rovere wrote in a campaign dispatch for the New Yorker.

Westenhofer’s husband is a dispatch manager at a trucking company who works long hours.

But mindful of her fears, he dispatched one of the troopers to stand sentry outside her door whilst he and his lackey supped.

Having dispatched these notes, the next step is to prepare to receive your guests.

Cabral dispatched a small vessel to Lisbon to announce his discovery, and then, without making any settlement, proceeded to India.

Scattergood, with great show of solicitude, dispatched a youngster to the deacon's house for his extra limb.

After all, what would principally interest the curiosity of friendship may be dispatched in two words—I am well and happy.