Dispel [verb]

Definition of Dispel:

drive away thought, belief

Synonyms of Dispel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispel:

Sentence/Example of Dispel:

Another myth the company is quick to dispel is that WD-40 cures arthritis.

"There's nothing like prompt action to dispel alarm," he whispered in my ear; and then turned to the rest of us.

However, madame, I count upon it that you will be able to dispel such doubts as I am fostering.

But scarce had they arrived at it when Monsieur de Garnache's crisp voice came swiftly to dispel it.

I hope this verification will dispel your royal highness' unjust suspicions against me.

Human extravagances soon dispel, in the eyes of reason, the superiority which man arrogantly claims over other animals.

Once there and out of the carriage the Nabob tried to dispel the feeling of uneasiness which he, too, had begun to suffer from.

A quick march, stoutly whistled, sufficed to dispel these melancholy thoughts.

The contents, though of a kind generally interesting, were not well calculated to dispel the gloom by which he was surrounded.

Therefore, a preparation of it would dispel every ill which flesh is heir to, as well as the maladies of plants.