Dispelling [verb]

Definition of Dispelling:

drive away thought, belief

Synonyms of Dispelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispelling:

Sentence/Example of Dispelling:

The owner was asked Thursday about the rumors that tweet spawned, and while he did not address them directly or confirm whether the meeting took place, he went further than he had in the past to dispel optimism about a possible return.

“The folks that said they would never become a gun owner were trusting the police to protect them, and that delusion has been dispelled,” he said.

There was a whole dream-dispelling work to be done before thinking of immediate action.

We despair of ever dispelling these creatures by pungent pleasantries—of routing them by sharp censure.

Moonlight talk drifted easily into talk about artificial methods of dispelling darkness.

The sun, with every promise of a fine day, was slowly dispelling the mist from the valley and woodlands below.

And they recited mantras capable of dispelling Rakshasas and (to that end) also performed rites.

They do not covet truth, but victory and the dispelling of their own doubts.

I was rather glad we could not get any nearer to it, for fear of dispelling the ideal that has so long charmed me.

A storm seemed raging in his soul, a mighty wind dispelling in its course the sullen clouds and vapours of long years.