Dispensers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dispensers:

He made his holiday gifts this year, and he recently designed a lemonade dispenser out of cardboard and tinfoil.

There were also disinfectant dispensers everywhere, and venues were cleaned more than usual.

For Newcastle, the veteran dispenser of the royal patronage, such a system meant political extinction.

He twirled the dial and slipped a couple of five-dollar coins into the dispenser slot.

She was the dispenser of court favors, the arbiter of fortunes, the real ruler of the land.

Then the dispenser of work and of wages will exert an empire absolute over his wage-earning workingmen.

My dear dead father used to be holy water dispenser at the Church of St. Medard.

Wise methinks were the ring-dispenser, if he the glistening life-pulp ate.

But I for Gunnar, rings' dispenser, love conceived, such as Brynhild should.

So should a daring chief, a ring-dispenser, gold from men withhold.