Dispensing [verb]

Definition of Dispensing:

dole out supply

Synonyms of Dispensing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispensing:

Sentence/Example of Dispensing:

There are few dispensing druggists who have scales sensitive enough to weigh the dosage of the chemical.

The first reason for dispensing with any special Authority for the relief of destitution as such is a practical one.

Some of the men are writing letters for the soldiers, some eating their night-rations, some dispensing supplies.

She herself received many guests; she liked to be dispensing hospitality from morning to night.

We also hear of women of means, usually widows, dispensing hospitality on a large scale to the needy and deserving.

Here his latter days were spent, in the society of his nieces and a few devoted friends, and in dispensing simple hospitalities.

This capability of dispensing with a generally untractable element of support was felt to be a great comfort.

The music was simple, dispensing with organs and instruments and all elaborate and artistic display.

Would she be satisfied with the rule of his ancestral hall, and the dispensing of hospitalities to the county?

Sir David Brewster improved the stereoscope by dispensing with the mirrors, and bringing it into its existing form.