Dispersed [verb]

Definition of Dispersed:

distribute; scatter

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispersed:

Sentence/Example of Dispersed:

The crowd dispersed, disappointed; cheated out of their anticipated scene of an arrest for horse-stealing.

Battle of Shipton moor; prince Henry dispersed the 8,000 insurgents under Scroop, by seizing the persons of their leaders.

The fleet was dispersed by a storm, and compelled to rendezvous at Corunna for repairs.

The hound followed Bruce, who gradually dispersed his company,66 at last keeping only his foster-brother with him.

His men, dispersed in groups, gave the garrison no chance to marshal for effective defence.

They took up a position in Strathbogie, a little further north, and Buchan's force abandoned the pursuit and dispersed.

The Lancasters are defeated, their soldiers routed, and many of their leaders dispersed about the country.

It was not until even the dusty cloud was no longer to be seen that the gazers dispersed.

When the curtain fell the audience rose to chatter and comment, and were a long time before they dispersed.

Jerry saw his opportunity; he knew the pursuit must be checked, or his whole band would be captured or dispersed.