Dispirited [adjective]

Definition of Dispirited:

dejected, sad

Synonyms of Dispirited:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispirited:

Sentence/Example of Dispirited:

Even partisans locked into their choices were probably dispirited at what they were witnessing.

He acted dejected and dispirited, and if he could have talked would have asked the meaning of it all.

Full of fears, anxiety, and mistrust, it was a very dispirited Rabecque that now slowly followed Monsieur Gaubert into the inn.

He was now evidently exhausted by toil, and dispirited by disappointment.

I can hardly say why I have written this incoherent note; except, that I am dispirited, and thirst to talk to you.

To a lost wanderer, and especially to a dispirited woman, such magnitude was not sublime, but terrifying.

However, when she heard that her absence dispirited the soldiers, she insisted upon returning to the scene of action.

His dispirited troops were driven back at Toulouse, where he held his ground tenaciously until the allies had lost 5,000 men.

"She has set her heart on my taking her East to learn singing," he said, in a low, dispirited voice.

Dispirited, he returned home in the morning to his anxious wife, who was expecting to receive a heavy haul.