Dispiriting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dispiriting:

But both the young women were fairly cheerful; such weather on a dry upland is not in itself dispiriting.

When fault has to be found, let it be done sharply and once for all, but nagging is dispiriting and intolerable.

Her threatened sentence, however, so far from dispiriting the Reformer increased his courage.

Yes, it is a comfort to me, in the midst of so many dispiriting European signs, that France has come so far through her struggle.

This persistent desertion was almost as dispiriting as open hostility, and an evil fate seemed to hang over the expedition.

To-night, finding the seclusion of my study dispiriting, I went forth upon a long and purposeless walk beneath the stars.

The morning was dark and misty, and all looked dull and dispiriting.

Altogether, it had been one of the most dispiriting days she had ever lived.

The question seemed to turn his thoughts back upon himself to dispiriting effect.

Camp was made at the edge of the devastated timber zone that Carley had found so dispiriting.