Displaced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Displaced:

But the balanced forces once displaced would be seen constantly to come to an equilibrium at a new point.

There was no confusion, and already the hired men were busy with two great machines until Winston displaced two of them.

He was a married man and his wife was still living at the time when he was displaced.

Already, in England, a good fourth of the population had been displaced; and what were these displaced populations to do?

A committee appointed by Connecticut displaced the bound at the southwest corner of Warwick.

The left shoulder, on the contrary, was smaller and sunken in, as if the clavicle had been displaced.

An emotion of pride in his accomplished sister displaced the pessimism of his first thoughts.

Indra, the thunderer, flung his bolt in vain; he could not wound Garuda, and only displaced a single feather.

Would it not be wiser for me to consider the question only upon the hypothesis that Lotzen shall not be displaced———?

All the old-time flowers are favorites there and refuse to be displaced by any newcomer.