Displayed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Displayed:

With little hesitation she did so, in view of the immensely superior force displayed.

Let the student continue this comparison till he attains very nearly the brevity and discrimination displayed by Mr. Killick.

But it was in battle that their wild appetite for information was most amazingly displayed.

Here Letty drew the coverlet from the face of the sleeping babe, and displayed his chubby proportions with maternal pride.

Usually in high spirits, he often displayed a boyish playfulness that resembled the gambols of a big good-natured dog.

And Jessie and Momsy wondered at the really good manners the child displayed.

He was certainly an orator, and displayed in his speeches much dramatic power.

From time to time Lockhart gave vent to a grim laugh, and Spivin displayed his feelings in a too-amiable smile.

In every case, selfishness is the root of all ill-breeding, and it is never more conspicuously displayed than in traveling.

Indignation nerved her spirit as she reflected upon the usurpation thus ostentatiously displayed.