Displeased [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Displeased:

What actually sounds pleasing and displeasing to us, how we listen, how we learn to listen, how we engage with sound.

Jane, who was far from pleased with her reception in the hall, was exceedingly displeased with her reception in the saloon.

This reasoning displeased the dwarfs, and one of them named Tad denounced it with much indignation.

It came, therefore, to the Consul's ears that Jacob Worse was courting, and it both displeased and made him anxious.

On seeing the three strangers, this high and mighty personage frowned with an intensely surprised and displeased air.

But on the whole, I am far indeed from being displeased with the tailie.

So home, and found my wife and Sarah gone to a neighbour church, at which I was not much displeased.

So that I am now clear of it, and the profit is now come to be so little that I am not displeased at my getting off so well.

"He will forgive you, Miss; he will not stay displeased, for his love for you is so very great," returned Alma.

"It would have taken very little of her time," the captain remarked, with a grave and somewhat displeased look.