Displeasure [noun]

Definition of Displeasure:

unhappiness, anger

Synonyms of Displeasure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Displeasure:

Sentence/Example of Displeasure:

Harden made no secret of his displeasure in Houston, which underwent massive organizational changes during the offseason.

Sleeping Giants, a social activism organization that has discouraged large corporations from advertising on Fox News, encouraged Lindell to act on his displeasure with Fox — advice he appears to have thus far ignored.

While it doesn’t mean that any and all coronaviruses—including those we haven’t yet had the displeasure to meet—will have the same vulnerability, it’s a start.

"It is a pity that father had not kept in his displeasure until after the busy time was over," she said, in her simplicity.

The porker grunted her displeasure, and Patrick did some grunting, too; but he was not easily scarednor would he be shaken off.

In after years his skill in handling legislatures was often remarked upon with displeasure.

Pious men saw in this stroke, so sudden and so terrible, the plain signs of the divine displeasure.

Mrs Mason's displeasure seemed a distant thing; his going away was the present distress.

Whatever you do, you are always entitled to her gratitude, and cannot be afraid of her displeasure.

Their displeasure was increased at finding there was no intention of sending away the Bavarian military.