Disporting [verb]

Definition of Disporting:

show off; march

Synonyms of Disporting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disporting:

Sentence/Example of Disporting:

Why, theres a gentleman disporting himself here, who imagines hes a musical genius.

They might be a lot of wood nymphs disporting themselves under the trees.

Now the sea was green and so clear you could see the fish disporting themselves.

I beheld not one ring but two, in each of which the uncommon variety of man was disporting in an entertaining manner.

A troop of monkeys were disporting themselves on a tree overhanging the river.

Helen, seeing Edith disporting herself some distance away, demanded with flashing eyes, What did you do that for?

Other skaters are disporting themselves in the distance; they, too, are getting themselves into difficulties.

She was beginning a practise volley with Tommy Hollins, who was disporting himself like a young colt.

Here in the season tens of thousands of people may be seen, all properly and decently attired, disporting in the waves.

A fine porpoise has been seen disporting itself in the Thames near Hampton Court.