Dispossessing [verb]

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Take in



Sentence/Example of Dispossessing:

Years brought wisdom, however; and he realized that to massacre or dispossess good cultivators was bad economy.

But I fancy that she will soon dispossess it of that character, for her suspiria are not many at this stage of her life.

How many seek means, of whatever kind, to dispossess themselves of them!

The Hellenizers still enjoyed the royal favour and Jonathan made no attempt to dispossess them.

Or they might have said that the nine tribes and a half could furnish quite a large enough army to dispossess the Canaanites.

Did not William the Conqueror dispossess the English, and thus cause them to be servants to him?

It was said that perhaps the Emperor, in order to break her will, would dispossess her of her vast estates in Siberia.

It takes an interminably long time to dispossess a lad of six halfpence at this game; fortune is not so fickle as may be supposed.

I tried to dispossess you before I knew your worth and goodness, but I will do nothing now.

We will accept the issue and dispossess them and put our friends in possession.