Disputable [adjective]

Definition of Disputable:

debatable; open to discussion

Synonyms of Disputable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disputable:

Sentence/Example of Disputable:

You know how dangerous any controversy on a disputable point would be with a man of his talents.

Many people think particular points disputable; but this you certainly expected.

Even in the education of the young this is now held to be a disputable theory.

Just who are the "salt of the earth" is a disputable question.

His claim of blood was an uncertain and disputable one even by men of his own party.

Nor is it disputable that on the vigil of the Conquest a great deal of jurisdiction was wielded by the lords.

They were too wise to establish their articles of faith upon things so disputable and uncertain.

What is not disputable at all is the example given by Randolph of the powerful influence of Ben on his "tribe."

Many of the causes that pass this court, are of a disputable nature, and if not terminated there, would take a different turn.

His conclusions are novel and, though to some extent disputable, are well worth printing.