Disputed [verb]

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In June, the co-owners filed a grievance against Snyder with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who appointed an arbitrator to settle the dispute, according to two people familiar with the proceedings.

These include the formation of biotechs, patent disputes, fallouts and disagreements over the limits of responsible editing.

The disputes between charters, public, or private should give way to a discussion about a quality education for every student.

The dispute here is procedural, and relates to the county’s responsibilities under the California Public Records Act.

Trade disputes, too, have dominated the headlines in recent years, leading some multinationals to alter their geographic footprint.

The report found that a key problem with the current system is a dispute about whether Pelletier or the appointed commission should be driving policy and planning at the agency.

Lady A the solo artist has been working on new music and participating in live-streamed concerts, but she has also had to adjust to being part of a legal dispute that has drawn worldwide attention.

For decades, they have cooperated with extremely rare public disputes.

As he wrote in his book “Let’s Get Free,” Butler was charged with simple assault after a neighbor falsely accused him of pushing her after a dispute over a parking space.

I might add that on both occasions, the neighbors hired him and were disappointed by the painting work he did for them, which resulted in minor disputes over what he charged them.