Disqualified [verb]

Definition of Disqualified:

be unfit for; be ineligible

Synonyms of Disqualified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disqualified:

Sentence/Example of Disqualified:

One of her brothers-in-law was disqualified, for he had been hurt while doing his one year military service.

France, he thought, had disqualified herself by her adherence to the traditions of her Revolution.

He was, in fact, constitutionally disqualified for the practice of such a calling.

They will necessarily be unfitted for domestic management, and disqualified for the sober realities of life.

He was not at all ill going down to Bermuda, which was a fortunate thing, for the water was rough and I was quite disqualified.

Who was to take charge of the children, and conduct those vulgar affairs for which Susan's feelings disqualified her?

The paralytic condition of the Church of England disqualified it for appropriating the new energy.

My habits, my education, my former political connections, disqualified me for such association.

If unlawful, then the children of polygamists were illegitimate children, and disqualified for the sanctuary.

Nor did I at all suspect how much my ignorance of their language disqualified me from observing their remaining characteristics.