Disquietude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disquietude:

AT the opening of this year the aspect of public affairs was such as to create disquietude and anxiety.

A dreadful fire in Quebec, which nearly destroyed the city, added to the other causes of disquietude.

The Punjaub, however, created some disquietude, and there were border disturbances within the acquired territory of Scinde.

Bridgenorth also gazed on this unexpected illumination with surprise, and not, as it seemed, without disquietude.

She who thought she had partaken so abundantly of life's cup abruptly discovered renewed sources for disquietude.

News about this uncle Gregorio it most certainly was, and news which caused great disquietude to Don Roderigo.

The king beheld the critical state of the empire with much sorrow and disquietude.

Although well aware that her sister indulged in other distractions, she thought it useless to add to Hannah's disquietude.

That her voice should be thus inexplicably and unwarrantably assumed, was a source of no small disquietude.

The greater portion of his life was spent in disquietude, when there was neither peace nor war, but depredating in various ways.