Disregarding [verb]

Definition of Disregarding:

ignore; make light of

Opposite/Antonyms of Disregarding:

Sentence/Example of Disregarding:

The decay and ruin of nearly all the "old families" in Ireland are among the penalties of disregarding it.

"You will have to get over that feeling," observed Mr. Carr, disregarding the hint, and taking out his probing-knife.

Thus if a purchaser agrees not to build nearer the street than a stated line, he can be enjoined from disregarding it.

Disregarding all but the fact that his father still lived, the peddler stole gently into the room of his dying parent.

"Yes," Bristow continued smoothly, disregarding the other's evident distaste and surprise.

Half an hour later, disregarding his words, I strode out into the Strand, and again walked round to the "Junior."

It might be possible for two men to struggle somehow to the summit, disregarding every other consideration.

However, you did right in disregarding instinct, and obeying orders.

The high official restrained himself with an effort and, disregarding the allusion, decided to take another tack.

Germany stood firm, resisting the threats and disregarding the warnings of President Wilson's notes.